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CoQ10 100 mg Bonus bottle...150 caps    Reg. $34.85    SALE  $23.97
PeptAce Fish Peptides, am alternative to ACE inhibitors  Reg. $55.99   SALE $44.25
Celery Seed for Healthy circulatory system   Reg. $25.49  SALE $19.99
CoQ10-100mg   Reg.$39.00   SALE $33.99

Concentrated Vitamin D3 Drops
1000 drops     1 drop=1000 mg.
*recommend 4-5000 mg. per day for an adult
*for healthy bones, heart and breast health
ON SALE   $26.95

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                   We are trying to stock some VEGAN products.....in our bulk section, we have many dried legumes, vegetarian chili, falafel, TVP....also some soup bases.

In our gluten free freezers, we have added SOL CUISINE hamburgers & Falafels with Tahini sauce. We would like your suggestions as to what you would like us to carry.

You will also see some changes in our Bulk sections......we are discontinuing some of our products as we need more room for our Health Supplements. They constitute the majority of our sales and we will be growing that area of our store over the next few months. If you have something that you would like us to carry, please speak to a staff member. We will try to accommodate if we are able.



FLORA Udo’s 3.6.9 oil blend……liquids all on sale…


NEW from FLORA…..OMEGA SPORT Performance Booster…an oil blend of Omega oils, MCT, Tumeric & Vit.D

-formulated for active people, athletic performance and recovery

250 gm. $21.69    SALE  $17.39

500 gm.  $37.19    SALE  $31.60

Cuddle up with an afghan, a good book and a cup of  COCOA CAMINO Hot Chocolate….fair trade, organic, comes in 4 flavours….Original Dark or Light…..2 Vegan friendly(Maple & Chili Spice) 

Reg. $7.25   SALE $6.49


LORNA VANDERHAEGHE ACTIVE COLLOGEN……. powder and capsule forms still on sale. 

Buy 2 caps at the sale price and we will give you another 15% OFF the sale price. Best deal all year.

Nancy's Note: I put Collagen powder in my Barley Life drink every morning and it tastes delicious!

Bio Sil liquid and caps also on sale while supplies last.

So......if you want better skin, nails and hair and help keep those deep wrinkles away, you might like to try these products