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KOMBUCHU has been referred to as the” elixir of life” in ancient Asia. Over the centuries many positive experiences have been reported.

As the body ingests Fermented and other healthier foods that gently detoxify and assist it in returning to a balanced pH level systems work better.

6 varieties:   *lemon ginger  * ginger peach  *boysenberry  *raspberry   * mango   *Vinnie’s choice[pick up a pamphlet and read the story]

*non-alcoholic   *fermented   *free of Gluten, soy, dairy, sulphites

*raw organic acids, probiotics, bacterial enzymes *readily bioavailable  *naturally flavoured  * no metals or plastics used

*no added preservatives or carbonation

Why might you take KOMBUCHU?

*feel good                               *weight loss

*Increased energy                 *boosted immune system

*increased clarity of mind     *reduced gas/bloating

*reduced acid reflux              *reduced sugar cravings

*aids liver function                *reduced stress[increased serotonin]

When using this product……..DO NOT SHAKE

                                              STORE UPRIGHT

                                 REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING

SPRING CLEANING ANYONE!   Drop in and see our SPRING SPECIALS.   Get ready for summer with a good cleanse and get rid of all the winter sludge.

We spring clean our houses, our garages-why not our bodies?

This is age-old ritual, practiced by individuals in many different cultures. Every cleansing routine is an attempt by the individual to rid the body of accumulated toxins and parasites and thereby increase the efficiency of the organ systems of the body. If left untreated, toxins can eventually cause many chronic illnesses. It is suggested a healthy person do a spring and fall cleanse. If you are exposed to a large toxin load, because of  environmental conditions, smoking, alcohol and drug use, this can be done on a regular basis.

Cleanses have 2 effects-first, cleansing toxins from our body and second, provide support for organs being cleaned.

The major organs of toxin removal from the body are kidneys, Lungs, Colon-the liver then helps break down toxins into a form which can then be eliminated from the Kidneys, Lung and Colon. When cleansing , it is beneficial to take a probiotic to keep the friendly flora in the gut area.


Flor Essence-a cleanse of 8 different herbs. This can be bought ready made as a tea but we recommend the dry herbs, which you can make yourself and is very cost efficient.

Tea 941 ml

Dry Herbs(makes 6-500ml bottles)




OMEGA ALPHA-a Canadian Company from Toronto

If you have a compromised digestive system, try these highly absorbable Omega Alpha’s Liquid Cleanses-All can be taken at the same time but we recommend you do them in the following order.

 The Lung and Kidney cleanse,  then followed by the Liver cleanse.

During the cleansing period Healthy Colon can be taken on a daily basis. After the above cleanses are finished, increase Healthy Colon to 3-5 tsps. for 3 days.

This info is from Dr.Gordon Chang, phD ,Univ of Toronto


Pick up  free info at Nancy’s re above products.




Try WHOLY TEA.....It’s as easy as 1,2,tea!

*Effectively cleanses the colon

*Detoxifies the liver and Gall bladder while supporting their healthy functions.

*Relieves constipation, indigestion, acid reflux and bloating.

*Assists in weight reduction.

*Important for skin Health.

*Improves intestinal absorption of nutrients.

*Helps improve energy levels

*Facilitates  removal of harmful chemicals, parasites and bacteria.


One months supply has 8 teabags.

One teabag to 8 cups water, steep for 8 hours and then put in fridge.

Drink one cup morning and night[do not reheat]. A third cup can be drank at noon, if so desired.

This is a pleasant tasting tea and is an easy and effective way to cleanse, spring and fall; after a holiday or after medication.