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Gardener’s Dream Cream from Aroma Crystal Therapy is an award winning all-natural skin care line. All company products are made with 100% pure essential oils, made with love and formulated for results, healing and beauty. Their rejuvenating all-natural skin care line is free from harmful chemicals, Parabens and Sodium Lauryl sulphates.

As well as being a great product for weird rashes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sportsinjury, poorcirculation, eczema, psoriasis,chemo-therapy itch and dry cracked skin. One of our customers, years ago, found it was a natural mosquito repellent. It really works and is all natural....ne Deet. Try it....you will love it and it smells great too!



From The Alive Magazine



Green, spiky aloe vera is used for treating minor cuts and burns. It can be found in pre gel form at most natural health stores or can be easily grown indoors.

To remove the aloe gel from the plant break off a leaf, slice it open, and remove the clear liquidy substance.



Spread aloe gel, either bottled or directly from the plant, onto the scrape or burn.



Do not ingest.

Due to its potential antidiabetic properties, those with diabetes should consult their health care professional before use.



Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic for cuts as well as a remedy for fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. It is also effective for combating head lice, which can flare up as a result of summer sleepovers.



First aid: dilute tea tree oil in a ratio of 1 part oil to 2 parts water before applying to cuts.

Lice: add 2 drops to 4 oz shampoo and mix. Wash hair with the same amount you normally use.



Do not ingest

Avoid contact with eyes.

Consult a professional for deep cuts and serious

We try to buy as many local products as we can,

Every year we offer you 2 local BUG REPELLENTS.

OUTDOOR SPRAY from CARMA SOAP made right here in Bradford. One of our staff used it and said it was tremendous and kept the mosquitos away when she was in amongst pine trees.

This year Carma Soaps will not be at the Farmer’s Market so we will try to keep you well supplied with her products. Her soaps are fantastic at $6.00 each or 3 for $15.00.