Our skin is the largest organ of our body & anything that we put on our skin goes into our bodies. As well as being careful of what we eat & drink, we also need to be aware of what we are putting on our bodies. Fragrances, hair dyes, sunscreens, bug sprays especially those with Deet, detergents, fabric softeners, household cleaners & air fresheners are toxic to our bodies. Many of these are also carcinogenic. Next time you buy one of these products, visit your local health food store to get products as clean as you can.


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More Than Just a Bulk Store

Our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding service and excellent quality alternative health care options, in a friendly, caring & professional atmosphere. Our health supplements are supplied by manufacturers that adhere to the strictest guidelines for efficacy and safety. Cleanliness is a top priority at Nancy's. Our bulk products are of the highest quality and all equipment is sanitized on a regular basis. Our store carries a selection of gluten free products that is second to none. If you are looking for pre-packaged cereals, muffins, cookies, breakfast items, entrees, baking mixes, or freshly-baked treats, Nancy's is the place to go!

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